About us

About ILI

The Invisible Lodge International was founded by Sir Felix Korim, a well known stage Illusionist in 1953. The organization has now passed its 65th Anniversary and -in 2004- held its first International Convention in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

As a Masonic Magician

you join the ranks of known Brothers such as:


Harry Houdini

St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York Initiated into Freemasonry - July 17, 1923

Alexander Herrmann

Herrmann the Great


Harry Kellar

Rented a Masonic temple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he gave 264 performances, closing the show on June 24, 1885.


Howard Thurston

Received the mantle of "Greatest American Magician" from Bro. Harry Keller and passed it to his Masonic Bro. Dante (Harry Jansen, 1883-1955).

Now you can join your Masonic Brethren who were members of the ILI, including…

Lee Grabel, John Calvert, Harry Blackstone Sr., Peter Reveen, Sid Radner, Carl Balentine, and Herb Zarrow.

The Invisible Lodge International is a two-fold organization and to be a member you must meet certain criteria. First, you must be a Master Mason having current Blue Lodge status. You then must prove, to satisfaction of the ILI Directorate Board, that you are a Magician or a pursuer of an allied art form. This may be as a professional, semi-professional or amateur in the magic or related arts and show relationship and show ties through performance, authorship, collector or membership in an International, National or Regional oriented organization.

These dual membership requirements makes ILI a unique organization — one of a kind in the world!